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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

40 weeks -Week 3

Well here we are onto week 3 of this challenge. You can read more about the original challenge  here.
This weeks challenge is to plan lunches for your and your family. In all reality during the school year this is easy for me.  M-F 5of the 6 kids eat at school  [some pack some buy] and my husband packs ever day.  For my self and the 4 year old we typically eat leftovers or something light. Pretty simple.
A few tips for keeping things running smooth.

  1.  Pack the night before. For those packing that day and my husband I pack there lunches the night before. Mainly because I am not a morning person and it is one less thing in the morning to do :)
  2. Use leftovers. My husband is pretty simple when it comes to food. A lot of times I will use leftovers to pack his lunch.
  3. Pay attention to what the kids are eating. I noticed this past week my 6 year old was not eating his lunch . This morning I packed a lunch with grapes, trail mix, cheese stick, crackers and a sweet treat. Everything was gone!
  4. Keep a schedule to track who is packing and who is buying. I uses a simple dry erase board for this. My 2 big kids always buy, but the 3 little buy/pack based on the school menu.
What about you and your family? Do your kids pack or buy? Share some tips you have to make lunches run smoother?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 2 of the 40 weeks challenge

  Well I made it onto week 2 of the 40 weeks 1 whole house challenge. Thank fully this weeks challenge is a lot easier. This week we are challenged to set up a calendar/planner system that works for you.

For me, I have two calendars. I use a dry erase board that hangs in our :Command Center". I use this so everyone in the family knows what is going for the month.
I also use Cozi on my phone and computer. I love this app because I can keep everything in one place  and if I am out I can check my schedule as needed. I am also able to keep to do list and other important info on my cozi app.
Once a week I update the calendar and make sure I have everyone on the same page.
How do you stay organized? Do you prefer a traditional paper planner or like me have everything online?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 1 - Creating a "Sunday" Basket

Ok so I never actually got to this weeks challenge until yesterday. Partially because it was a crazy week with soccer and football , But, I have to admit I struggled with this challenge. I know, week 1 and already hitting a road bump :) The thing is, I could not see this working for me in the way that it was describer in the original post here.  We live in on post housing, my downstairs area is very tight. I don't really have anywhere to keep a basket to hold papers the way it was talked about in the post. The thought of going thru the basket once a week with six kids was stressing me out! Images of papers overflowing out of the basket and onto the  floor, slowly taking over my downstairs filled my head!

But here is the beauty of organization! Do what works for you. I quickly made the decision to take parts of the challenge that would work and discard the rest. Kind of  like delcuttering the challenge and only keeping what I needed.
Here is my before and after!

 Basically, I created my own version of the "Sunday Basket" I have a command center set up where I keep everything . On the top of the smaller shelf is a small metal basket. Here is all the important paper that come into our home. My plan is every other day or more or less as needed I can go thru the bin and put things away. Items to files do below, dates get written on the calendar and put into my phone [more on this later], and if its a paper for that week I keep it till that day. On the larger shelf I have a bin for notebooks for volunteer positions etc.  The green baskets holds keys and sunglasses.
Did you attempt the challenge this week? How did you make it work for you?
 Join me back here tomorrow as we tackle week 2!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New school year brings new goals.

As the school year begins one of my goals is to get better organized when it comes to my home.
 I came across this post on Facebook and think I may try it.
I am good at delcuttering, but keeping things organized is where I struggle.
Check back later this week as I post the before and after for week 1
How do you stay organized? Do you have favorite websites you refer back to?
 Or maybe you are like me and starting fresh with the school year.
Feel free to share!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to school time!!!!

  Today is back to school day in our household. Our youngest will start preschool next week after the Labor day weekend but the other 5 went back this morning. I think everyone in our house was ready for the school year to begin. School in Georgia finished at the end of May just before Memorial day, and school in Texas starts later so we had an extra long summer this year.  These were the few shots I was able to get of the kids before they left for school. Don't let the photo's fool you, no one [well except the super cool 4 year old] wanted to stand for pictures!

A new school year especially in a new state/school for us this year brings lots of changes. One major change, that I am a huge fan of is uniforms. While my children do attend public school, the district we live in has a uniform policy. Although this means more laundry for me, mornings are easier in terms of what you can or can not wear.
The start of a school year also means afterschool activities. My kids are very active and while we encourage them to do outside activities we limit each child to 1 activity  per season.  For the Fall we have 1 playing football, 4 playing soccer, and 1 in gymnastics. I like to call it "organized chaos." As long as everything goes on the calendar we are good to go!
Is your family in "back to school " mode like us? Are your kids involved after school activities? What strategies do you have for making the school year run smooth?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Submission brings peace

* I actually wrote this a little over a year ago but never published it.  We are in Texas now but the concept still applies today.


Ephesians 5:24

New International Version (NIV)
24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything

Submission. That 10 letter word that can change the atmosphere of a room as soon as it is spoken.  I have to admit after 11 years of marriage, I would pick and choose when I would follow the biblical  role of submission to my husband. Mainly if it suit my needs then I would submit. If not I would "be simply expressing my opinion" or at least that was how I justify it in my mind. The truth was when it came to the big stuff my emotions an not my love for my husband or God took control.
Last week I had an "aha" moment where I finally understood fully the role of a submission in a marriage.

Let me start from the beginning. My husband is active duty Military. We were on recruiting duty in our home state of Ohio from 2008 -2011 where we purchased a home. After the tour was over we were sent to S. Georgia and the house in Ohio became rental property. The plan in my husbands eyes was to return to that home  when he retires in 2018. I have no desire to return to Ohio and I have made that clear for 2 years now. Although I grew up in Ohio I am not a fan of snow and we get a ton of it up there. Plus I love sunshine and hot  days, two things  that only occur  for a short time in Ohio. For 2 years it has been a point of contention between us. 2 years seriously all that time I wasted getting upset when Ohio was mentioned. Griping to everyone how I don't want to go back . Looking for jobs in the 49 other states of America . I was bound and determined to make my husband see it my way and agree.
That was until last week . I have been reading thru unveiled wiifes devoutional book and one morning felt very convictedon the issue of Ohio. I knew in my heart my behavior was not pleasing to God. I was not being supportive of my husband and his desire to move back to Ohio. Submission is about putting the other person first. Just as Jesus put the church first by paying the ultimate sacrifice we as wives are called  to submit to our  husbands. Now let me stop and say if your in any way in a harmful situation  get help. God does not call us to submit to our husbands in a way that is harmful to ourselves.
All day I prayed as I went about my daily routines. Reminding God how much I don't like Ohio [and seriously it is the weather I do like the state and have many friends and famly there} . By the time my husband came home and he was griiling dinner for that night I new my heart was ready to talk.  Basically I told my husband I was tired of fighting over moving back to Ohio and that if we go then that is fine with me.I will no longer complain about going and will have a positive outlook if tat is where we end uo after he retires, Needless to say he was shocked and thrilled, but for me there was something more ...peace, I felt this overwhelming peace after I had truly submitted to my husband just as God calls us to . It was like this heavy burdon was lifted of my shoulders. I felt peace about moving for the first time in 2 years.
A week has passed since that conversation. Ohio has come up a few times and I just keep being an ecoragement and focusing on the positives. Funny thing happened after dinner tonight, my husband floated the idea of taking a job in Nevada [warmth and sunshine !!!!!]
So submission is not meant to bring you down or make you feel oppressed, In fact it is quiet the opposite. It brings peace in your heart and peace in your family.
What about you? how has submission affected you life?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A new opportunity...

I am happy to announce that beginning in September, I will be joining the team of wonderful writers over at Homemakers Challenge! I will still be posting here as well. My goal is 3 times a week [M,W, F] with link ups when I post over there. I will be focusing on Military life over at Homemakers Challenge and I hop you join me! Meanwhile check the site out, it is a great blog that is a huge encouragement and a wonderful team I am proud to be apart of!