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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A perspective on adoption.

I came across this article  via facebook tonight. Adoption is near to my families heart  as four of the six of our kids have come into our family thru adoption.  This is a different perspective on adoption and really makes you think. I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Decluttering your blog reader leads to more.

This past weekend has been crazy. I am sitting down finally and getting some things done in the world of blogging. For me blogging is a hobby. I don't make money for blogging its just something I enjoy. Over the years I have come to follow a lot of blogs. Some I would read consistently others every now and then. Over the years the blogs in my reader have grown and the reality is I most likely  haven't read half of them in over a year. Today I looked and I had 72 blogs I follow Crazy huh:)

So I started cleaning it out and eliminating it down to 10 I truly still read. Some are very popular some not so much. Honestly it felt very freeing something so little as cleaning out my blog reader.

This got me thinking about other areas of my life. How many times do we say yes to that one more thing even when you really don't have time.  You say yes because you feel bad if you say no.

This week I challenge to say no more and yes to those things you really love. Be amazed at how freeing it will be!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

De-Clutter Time!

This past weekend we had a four day weekend because of the holiday. It was the perfect time to work on some area's in my home that needed de-cluttered. Here are some pictures from what I was able to tackle.
School Zone Area

We needed an area to store pencils, paper, and school supplies for homework time. This is the drawers in my buffet in the dining room. Perfect because the kids do school work at the table right  next to it.
Under sink Storage.
This mainly needed to be  de-cluttered.

Kitchen Drawer

We have some tiny drawers in the kitchen. This one holds all my measuring cups/spoons.
Kids Room
We have 3 boys in one room. Most clothes get hung. Pj's are in the blue bin. The red/green/yellow bin holds the four year old tops. Divided by short sleeve long sleeve and sweatshirt.
Have you de-cluttered recently? What tips do you have?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Getting organized.

I woke up this weekend with the realization that because of the  Columbus day holiday we have very little going on. No soccer games, gymnastics, or a football game to attend. We do have plans to go to the pumpkin patch Saturday and church on Sunday  but that is about it. Woohoo!

I was scrolling through FB this morning at 5 am [ courtesy of my 4 year old waking up  and asking for a sandwich} and came across this posting.  We have lived in this house almost 3 months and feel like we are settled in. However with the chaos of life we also tend to have a lot of stuff that gets stuffed in drawers and tucked in closets. Eight people living in military housing, need I say more:)

So this weekend I am going to work thru the above post and organize the house. DE clutter first and organize what is left. I will be posting the results here next week.  Here aresome tips for De-Cluttering and organizing anything...
  1. Plan out a time when you can do it. Don't tackle the dining room at 5:30 on a Thursday night when dinner needs to be cooked. Plan ahead with goals of what you want to accomplish and make them realistic.
  2. Tackle one room at a time. Remember you may not get it done in one day. If it is a larger room start with a section, or cabinet , or drawer.
  3. Utilize what you have. Don't run out to the store for bins and boxes before you see what you have at home.
  4. Utilize resources like the one mentioned above, but make it work for you. You will be back to square one in a week if you try to organize your home in a way that doesn't flow for you and your family.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When life gets crazy...

So I have been trying to get back into the routine of blogging again. I have my to do lists written and writing the posts is on there but it seems to fall farther and farther down the list. My organize the house in 40 weeks stopped at week 3 I think :) and my blogging has become a little non existent.

Life is crazy in our house right now. With sports, school, work, Army commitments, and just life in general we are super busy. I like to write at night but lately once the kids go to bed, I am trying to finish laundry and cleaning up before I try to get to bed my self. 5:30 comes so early lol!

My goal is to write more here. I also contribute over at
Hopefully I can start writing more. The one thing I can tell you is that when I do write its from the heart. I don't want to write just to write. That's not me, and its a waste of time. I hope you check back from time to time and see what I have written. Enjoy the day!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Moving and the military

Summer is over and fall has arrived. The leaves on the trees are beginning to change. The air is a little crisper and you need your favorite sweater on  cool days. Well, unless you're like me and just PCS'd [permanent change of station] to the desert in Texas. I Googled  the average temperatures for El Paso for September and here is what I found . . .

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Mom's bad day.

Wednesday I will post the weekly challenge for the 40 weeks -week 4. Tonight I felt led to write on something else.

What happens when mom has a bad day?
Today was one of those days. We have had torrential down pours all day, and I ran from the second I got up to now. It has been a long day. Top it off with 2 who had homework issues and dinner not getting on the table until almost seven, it was a long day.
Somehow in the midst of it I was done. I snapped at the kids, lost my temper, and patience was washed away like the rain we have had  all day.
Then comes the "Mom guilt" If only I had been more patient. If only I had planned things better. If only I would slow down a bit.
Yes it would be easy to play the game of if only and let that guilt build. However that is not productive or positive.
As moms we are not perfect, we loose patience, we have bad days, we have days we would like do-overs. We need to remember this.
However, when we loose patience, snap at the kids or husbands we need to also ask for forgiveness. As humbling it is , it teaches our kids were not perfect and we too mess up.
So tonight if your like me and had a day you would like to forget, stop and take a second and breath. Remember that tomorrow is a new day. If need be [like me} tell your kids your sorry and move on. Tomorrow is a new day!