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Friday, June 24, 2011

Changes are coming...

So when I entered into the world of blogging in January of this year, I really honestly had not a clear picture of where this blog would go. I had been reading so many great blogs and had just started at Today's Housewife as a guest writer, so I figured the next step would be to start my own blog. 

The past 6 months have been learn as I go and I have learned a lot.  I have also learned that my blog has to be my blog, my own thoughts and ideas, and what I have envisioned for my blog.  I wanted my blog to be a place I could write and also be an encouragement to others. At some point I lost that inspiration and worried so much about having a series that I took on too much. 100 days of praise while it was started with the best intentions, was unrealistic for me to accomplish being a newbie into the world of blogging.  I think I am at day 39 and its been like 4 months! 

The reality is I am a wife, mom to 6, and have a busy life...who doesn't.  Right now I am also a single parent as my husband who is in the US Army is training in Maryland for the summer. On top of that my kids and I will move to our new duty station next month and my husband  will meet up with us about 3 weeks later..yes I may be a little crazy to attempt that one :) Also our house flooded in April and we are still rebuilding from all the damage, I had to arrange the renters for the house we currently live in, and over see our new house being built in Georgia.  Then add to the reality of saying goodbye to good friends, and a church family we love things are a little crazy right now!

I have had tremendous guilt for not keeping up with my blog and thus need to make some changes.  This weekend I will be working steadily on my blog and the vision I have for it. Check back Monday June 27th and see what I have planned. :)

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